• Le Wand Texture Cover

Le Wand

Le Wand Texture Cover

$ 15.99

These stretchy covers are a fun way to get new and varied sensations out of your favorite wand style vibrator! Just turn the cover textured-side-out and stretch it over the head of your wand to liven up its smooth vibrating surface with soft ridges or nubs. These textures transmit vibration in new ways and give you more texture to grind against.

This item is a terrific upgrade for any wand-style vibrators with large to medium size heads, including the Le Wand Petite, Magic Wand Original, and Magic Wand Rechargeable.

Material(s): Body-Safe TPE (Elastomer)

Manufacturer: Le Wand

Country of Origin: Made in China

This product is made of body-safe elastomer. This material is not designed to last forever and cannot be fully sterilized, but it can be kept clean with soap and water for multiple uses. Le Wand suggests using a water-based or silicone-based lubricant with these covers during use, and washing them with mild soap and water afterward. Be sure to let the cover air dry before storing. We recommend discarding your cover if the surface becomes discolored, ragged, or before using it with multiple people who wouldn't otherwise come into contact with each other's body fluids.

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