• Lube! An In-Depth Look at Personal Lubricants - A Webinar for Sex Educators and Health and Wellness Professionals

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Lube! An In-Depth Look at Personal Lubricants - A Webinar for Sex Educators and Health and Wellness Professionals

$ 45.00

Personal lubricants can make any sexual activity safer, sexier, or simply possible for anyone, at any age, in any body; however, not all personal lubricants are created equal, not even close! This webinar will discuss how and why personal lubricants are used, along with an in-depth analysis of common lubricant ingredients, interactions with the body, and navigating lube labeling, marketing, and regulation. The information presented is vital to anyone teaching sex education, risk reduction, providing sexual health care, working in a public health setting, or advocating for reproductive justice. This content challenges the normative messages around personal lubricants, specifically water based lubricants, and provides up-to-date analysis and advice for more informed lubricant education and safety. 

The webinar will last one hour, with an additional half an hour of Q&A after. 

Once you've purchased your ticket you will receive a separate email with a link to the webinar for the date and time you selected. 

Please contact sarah@smittenkittenonline.com with any questions or, if this workshop is prohibitively priced, to discuss a sliding scale fee.

Sarah E. Mueller

Sarah has been a Sex Educator at The Smitten Kitten since May of 2012. After nearly four years at Smitten Kitten Sarah realized personal lubricants are a huge contributor to people’s sexual satisfaction and health, but many struggle to find lubricants without adverse effects. Sarah then began an extensive research project on personal lubricant ingredients, regulations, and interactions with the body. Currently Sarah is the Lead Research and Education developer at The Smitten Kitten, and is expanding her research and educational offerings to topics from STIs, Cancer Treatment & Sexual Function, Menopause, and Social Justice within Gynecology. Her research has also allowed her to contribute to Allison Moon’s Girl Sex 101, contribute to the lubricant information in Joan Price’s The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Fifty, and she has been interviewed as a Lube Expert on the Sexational Blog, VICE Magazine’s Blog, Tristan Taormino’s Sex Out Loud Radio Show, and the Sex Gets Real podcast.

"I have been talking about lube with students and clients for over 12 years.  It is one of my favorite topics and I thought I knew a lot about it.  But Sarah's class changed the way I think and teach about lube! This class is a game changer.  Don't miss it!"

  • Laura Rademacher, MA, LMFT, CST, www.skyhilltherapy.com


"This workshop could not be more informative and well-researched. Sarah is one of the most thorough sex educators I have ever met. Plus, she did an amazing job of presenting a ton of information in a conversational, easy to follow, and even entertaining way. She really knows her shit, and has looked at the topic from every possible angle. Also, I have seen many a sex educator look over Sarah's informational lube pamphlet and exclaim that there is so much in there that they didn't know (and these are people who make a point to know about sexual health topics). Even if you are a lube expert, you will learn something new from Sarah's workshop. And if you're not, you will still know what she's talking about because she breaks it down into everyday language. This workshop is really a must for anyone who uses lube, recommends lube, or is in the medical field."


"Sarah knows Lube! I was impressed with her ability to provide so much scientific knowledge in a down to earth and understandable way. All mental health and medical professionals should spend the time to get the facts on lube from Sarah. I've been in practice for 20 years, trained with William Masters... Thought I knew it all... She wowed me and offered practical information that will be easily transferable to my practice."

  • Heather Raznick MSW, LCSW


"Sarah Elizabeth Mueller has done extraordinary advocacy for every body’s sexual well-being with her research and outreach on personal lubricants. In my nearly 20 years in the adult industry, no lubricant sales people, chemists or lubricant brand owners have ever done the in-depth analysis that Ms. Mueller has."

  • Metis Black, President and Founder, Tantus Inc


"Sarah Mueller knows more about lubes than seemingly anyone else on the planet - and the depth and breadth of her knowledge is made understandable by her great presentation skills and teaching abilities. If you have a chance to learn from her, run and don't walk to her teaching session."

  • Anne Katz, PhD, RN, FAAN, certified Sexuality Counselor at CancerCare Manitoba and Clinical Nurse Specialist at the Manitoba Prostate Centre


"Sarah Mueller's presentation on lube just blew my mind. As a sex educator, I want to stay on top of the most important information and share it with my audiences. But the work that Sarah has done – the research, analysis and synthesizing all of this dense information into an accessible presentation -- is just phenomenal. It changed the way I think and teach about lube."

    • Tristan Taormino, author, columnist, sex educator, speaker and filmmaker


"In August of 2016 I had the pleasure of attending Sarah E. Mueller's workshop titled, "Lube! An In-Depth Look at Personal Lubricants".  This presentation took my breath away and I'll tell you why.  I attend many conferences and workshops on human sexuality, and this presentation was one of the best researched and well presented I have seen.  I have worked as a psychotherapist and sex educator for about 20 years and I learned so much from Sarah's presentation.  The information she shared would be invaluable to anyone, and perhaps especially for those who recommend or sell lube as part of their work.  Honestly, I think anyone who works in or owns a sex shop should take this workshop.  Lube is possibly the most essential and often sold sexual accessory after contraception, and while most experienced vendors can tell you a few facts about lube, the most common advice is often to purchase what feels right for you, try it out, and see what happens.  Sarah's workshop takes much of the guess work out of the experience and helps explain why different lubes have different properties and why they feel the way they do, AND she explains how lube affects your body and any barriers you might use in sexual interactions.  She translates the chemical and biological make up and interactions with lube in a way that is fascinating and digestible.  I hope there are plans to make this presentation more widely available because I think so many people can benefit from Sarah's work."

  • Stephen Biggs, MA, RP., Toronto, ON, Canada

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