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The Smitten Kitten

Pump Clinic Kit

$ 312.99

Safe and correct use of penis rings and penis pumps are popular and effective ways to improve circulation and tissue health in the genitals, and can assist in achieving erection for folks with erectile dysfunction, who’ve experienced prostate surgeries, chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The increase in blood flow, sensitivity, and interstitial fluid induced by pump and penis ring use can also help to improve genitally manifested symptoms of diabetic neuropathy, nervous system diseases, and circulatory system diseases. Pumps in particular are often prescribed or recommended without a thorough understanding of their efficacy or proper use, and there is little scientifically proven information available on this subject. This Clinic Kit contains everything necessary to use a penis pump and/or penis ring safely, as well as a complimentary training and educational packet to ensure this information can be accurately communicated to patients.

Trainings without purchase of the kit are available for $100 per hour, inquiries should be directed to info@smittenkittenonline.com

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