• Saffron Square Paddle


Saffron Square Paddle

$ 24.99

Length: 12 inches

Width: 4.375 inches across paddle at widest point

Material: 75% polyurethane, 10% stainless steel, 6% fiberglass, 5% nylon, 4% nickel-free metal

Manufacturer: Sportsheets

Country of Origin: made in China

This product is made of vinyl. To clean, use a damp cloth and promptly wipe dry. 


Sex & Mischief is one of Sportsheets' product lines, focusing primarily on kink, bondage, and impact play gear. Sex & Mischief’s quality products range from beginners’ bondage supplies to stingy slappers and advanced kegel exercisers. The quality and lifetime guarantee characteristic of Sportsheets' original line is still apparent in their Sex & Mischief products.

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