• Sex Kitten Pink Tweezer Clamps

PHS International

Sex Kitten Pink Tweezer Clamps

$ 22.99

• Mild to moderate pressure adjustable
• Easy on / easy off

These clamps are mild-moderate pressure. The pressure is fully adjustable based on on how far the small O-ring is pushed toward the ends of the clamp. The chain that hangs from each tweezer clamp can be tugged on while they are being worn to add an extra sensation, and the rubber-covered tips protect sensitive skin from the sharp metal edges of the ends of the clamp.

Note: The small black tips can fall off and get lost easily. Store these clamps in a baggie when not in use to prevent loss.

Note: At only 13 inches, the chain connector may be too short for large breasted folks- especially when laying down in a prone position when breasts fall to the sides

Note: Always predetermine a safe-word or safe-signal before doing any sensation play


  • Measurements:

Clamp Length: 2.7 in
Maximum Clamp Opening: .65 in
Chain Length: 13 in

  • Material: Nickel-free metal, PVC rubber tip caps
  • Manufacturer: PHS International 
  • Country of Origin: Made in China


  • Spot clean with soap and damp cloth, air dry
  • Vegan-friendly 


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