• Sexperiments Tug On My Heart Nipple Clips
  • Sexperiments Tug On My Heart Nipple Clips


Sexperiments Tug On My Heart Nipple Clips

$ 19.99

These slender, elegant clamps are approachable for a lot of people because they provide a wider range of mild to moderate pressures. The pressure is based on how far the small O-ring is pushed toward the ends of the clamp. The chain that hangs from each tweezer clamp can be tugged on while they are being worn to add an extra sensation, and the rubber-covered tips protect sensitive skin from the sharp metal edges of the ends of the clamp. 

Clamp Length: 2.7 inches

Maximum Clamp Opening: .65 inches

Chain Length: 13 inches

Material: nickel free metal, PVC

Manufacturer: Spartacus Leathers

Country of Origin: Assembled in the USA

This product is made of metal and PVC.

Wipe these off with a cleansing towelette or gentle soap and water.  Dry them completely with a towel or dryer as they will quickly rust if left moist. The rubber tips will potentially fall off as they are not permanently affixed, so be careful not to lose them!


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