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Ostrich Feather Tickler

$ 9.99

For those who love (or love to hate) being tickled, a feather tickler is a must-have accessory. With deep colors ranging from burgundy to teal, regal shades of blue and purple to classic black and red, these feathers look as luxurious as they feel. The slender black wand and tall ostrich feather give any tickling tormentor a nice, long reach to easily tease every sensitive spot. From beginners to experts in sensory play, this feather is a very necessary addition to one’s collection.

Length: Approx. 28 in. (May vary slightly based on feather length)

Material(s): Natural feather, hard plastic

Manufacturer: Sportsheets

Manufacturer Warranty: Sportsheets offers a limited lifetime warranty against defects.

Country of Origin: Made in USA

This product is made from real feathers. If soiled, wipe carefully with a damp cloth and air dry.


Sportsheets was founded in a garage of Tom Stewart, its founder and current CEO. By enlisting the help of his family, Stewart turned Sportsheets into a multi-award winning company with five distinct product lines. Sportsheets products are functional, affordable, and built to last a lifetime. Their mission is “keeping couples connected,” which they do not only through their products, but their commitment to quality, customer service, and service to their communities.

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