• Doc Johnson Teardrop Bullet Vibrator Pink Rose
  • Doc Johnson Teardrop Bullet Vibrator Pink Rose
  • Doc Johnson Teardrop Bullet Vibrator Pink Rose

Doc Johnson

Teardrop Bullet

$ 34.99

What a cutie! This diminutive vibrator couldn't look any more charming with its dark pink, glossy finish and sleek, slim controller. It's simple enough to be a great first time vibrator, but still plenty strong. With an extra long cord the Teardrop Bullet is perfect for partner play, especially in a situation when you want lots of vibration without a bulky toy getting in anyone's way. 

Measurements: Controller is 5 inches in length. Bullet is .78 inches around at widest point, and 1.35 inches long. Cord length is 32.5 inches.

Material(s): ABS Plastic

Settings: 4 levels of continuous vibration

Power Source: 2 AAA batteries, not included

Manufacturer: Doc Johnson

Country of Origin: Manufactured in China

This product is made of ABS plastic and has electronic components.

ABS Plastic is simple to care for and easy to clean. It’s a hypoallergenic, non-porous material that won’t break down or leach chemicals into the body over time. ABS Plastic toys that vibrate can easily be cleaned with hot water and a body-friendly soap before and after each use, just be careful to avoid getting water in the battery chamber or charging opening. Using a washcloth may be easier than running water directly from a faucet onto a toy. If you want to sterilize your ABS hard plastic toy mix a solution of 1 part bleach 9 parts water and spray, wipe, or dip the toy into the solution and let stand for 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

ABS Plastic is compatible with any kind of lubricant.

If you want to share your hard plastic toy, we recommend cleaning between bodies or orifices, or using condoms as needed.

If your toy is battery operated, rechargeable batteries are not recommended. Customer feedback suggests that they are more likely to corrode, leak, explode, and ruin perfectly happy sex toys. We recommend removing the batteries from a toy during cleaning and between uses.


As much as we love supporting small businesses and local craftspeople, we also love when big companies become aware of the importance of producing quality, body safe toys that are both affordable and awesome. Doc Johnson's Platinum Silicone, Mood, and Wonderland lines are great examples of sexy, well-designed toys that you can buy if you're on a budget (or even if you're not!) and—because they're made out of 100% silicone or ABS hard plastic—will last you a lifetime.

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