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Tenga Egg

$ 10.99

These soft, stretchy mini strokers are a quick and convenient way to add some extra zing to a hand job or masturbation session. Just empty the included lube packet into the Egg (or use a squirt of your favorite water-based lube), slip it over the tip of a penis, and let your hand do as it pleases—the TENGA Egg will stretch up and down over the shaft of the penis to provide a unique and extra-stimulating new sensation. When you're done, discard your Egg or rinse it thoroughly with water and slip it back into its plastic casing for another use or two. (Keep in mind that these super-stretchy strokers are made of elastomer, which is body-safe but porous and cannot be fully sterilized.) With a little added texture courtesy of a TENGA Egg, any handjob can go from "really nice" to "ROCKSTAR!"

Choose from two levels of firmness and twelve variations in textures that range from subtle to intense:

"Easy Beat" 

Wavy - horizontal ripples
Twister - vertical ridges
Silky - thread-spun surface
Spider - lined with a web pattern
Clicker - protruding spheres
Stepper - notched out semi-circles


Length: 2" x 2.5" (unstretched)

Penetrable Length: can stretch between 4-6 inches

Material: Elastomer

Manufacturer: TENGA

Lubricant Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Sodium Polyacrylate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Methylparaben

Country of Origin: Designed & Made in Japan

TENGA Eggs are made from elastomer, a body-safe but porous material that is eventually disposable. Although intended for a single session, this toy could be used several times if handled and cleaned carefully. To clean, turn inside-out and flush thoroughly with water. Let dry and replace in plastic casing to prevent dust accumulation.


TENGA is a Japanese brand with unique design aesthetics and a sex positive philosophy. Unlike most other masturbation sleeves, TENGA products are not designed to be a replacement of any human orifice, or advertised as a substitute for sexual intercourse. Rather, TENGA focuses on design, technology, and functionality with the “goal and desire to bring masturbation and sexual wellness to the mainstream.”

The founder of the TENGA company, Koichi Matsumoto, worked as a car mechanic and salesperson—tuning up fancy Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and vintage cars—before quitting his job to start independently developing the prototypes for what is now an amazing line of TENGA products. He wanted to bring sex toys into the mainstream and make them more accessible rather than hidden or stigmatized. We love entrepreneurs and visionaries like Matsumoto, whose commitment to quality sex toys allows us to offer great products that align with the values of our similarly progressive store.

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