Noje Quiver

Article code 84408968
  • Overview
  • • Extra small, medium-firm silicone tips
    • Oscillation-style vibration
    • Designed to facilitate orgasms quickly
    • For external use only
  • Details


4,5 stars based on 2 reviews

21 Jun 2024
Bri C
Worked great until the neck broke! Not as strong as the Zumio, but definitely feels really nice.
Just be wary if you're not gentle with your toys, you may want something sturdier.
13 Apr 2021
I've made some questionable makeshift sex toy choices in the past, but the one I'd never been able to find a suitable replacement for was the headless electric toothbrush I thought was anywhere near safe to use as an external vibrator when I was a dumb horny teenager. Apparently I used that thing too much and now my clit has Stockholm Syndrome, so finding a replacement was imperative. I found the Quiver while browsing TSK's website a few weeks ago and decided to try it, and it's better than a replacement - mostly because this thing is actually designed to get you off, unlike a toothbrush.