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The Smitten Kitten is a sex-positive, education-based, body-safe sex toy store located in Minneapolis and online here at SmittenKittenOnline.com. What does all that mean? Read on to discover what you can expect when you visit us in person or online!

Our Customer Service

Shopping for sex toys should be as fun and easy as shopping for anything else. That's why we work hard to provide a welcoming and friendly atmosphere where you can ask questions about your purchase and get expert answers. Our entire staff is made up of trained sex educators who love fielding questions about sex, sex toys, and sexual health - no question is too big or too small. If don't have the product for you, we'll refer you to someone who does! It's our goal to be a trusted resource for our customers in Minnesota and around the world.

Our Inventory 

We offer a carefully researched and curated inventory of non-toxic, ethically produced and marketed products that we guarantee against manufacturer's defects*. There isn't a single product in our store that we wouldn't feel safe and confident using ourselves. The toys in our store are made from body-friendly materials and are designed with your sexual health in mind. That means we only carry insertable toys made from non-porous materials, sterilizable materials like ABS plastic, stainless steel, glass and platinum cured, medical grade silicone. You won't find any toxic toys or "jelly" novelties in our inventory. We take our business seriously, and everything we sell is made to be used in safe, pleasurable and fun ways.  

Our Values

The Smitten Kitten is a sex positive space where everyone is welcome. "Sex positive" doesn't just mean we're really enthusiastic about sex. It means that we work to promote an inclusive, shame-free environment where it's okay to talk about all kinds of consensual sex. People's pleasure, consent and physical and mental health are what's most important when it comes to sexuality. That's why our store rules read as follows: 

1. Everyone is welcome

2. Respect yourself and others

3. Don't "Yuk" my "Yum!" 


We're also deeply committed to consumer advocacy in the sex toy industry. In 2005 we founded BADVIBES.ORG, an organization dedicated to demystifying the adult sex toy industry and positively transforming socially irresponsible, environmentally and personally hazardous sex toy manufacturing and sex toy sales practices. Our most recent project involves research around personal lubricants, their ingredients and investigation of FDA regulations that limit the sale of body safe lubes while making potentially harmful lubes easily accessible. 

Our Awards

2005 Best Adult Video Store (City Pages)

2007 Best Store For Sex Toys (City Pages)

2008 Best Store for Sex Toys (City Pages)

2009 Best Store for Sex Toys (City Pages)

2009 Red Hot Entrepreneur (GO Magazine)

2009 Young Entrepreneur of the Year- Jennifer Pritchett, Smitten Kitten Owner (Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal)

2009 Business of The Year, Twin Cities LGBT & Allied Business Community Leadership Award (Twin Cities Quorum)

2009 Best of The Twin Cities- Sex Store (Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine)

2010 Distinguished Young Alumni Award- Jennifer Pritchett, Smitten Kitten Owner (Minnesota State University, Mankato)

2010 Best Store for Sex Toys (City Pages)

2011 Diversity in Business Award, Minority Business Owner of the Year (Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal)

2011 Best Store for Sex Toys (City Pages)

2012 Best Adult Store (City Pages)

2013 Superhero Sex Shop (The Redhead Bedhead)

2013 Hump Day Hero- Jennifer Pritchett, Smitten Kitten Owner (Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health)

2014 Best Adult Store (City Pages)

2015 Best Adult Store (City Pages)

2016 Best Adult Store (City Pages)

2018 Best Adult Store (City Pages)




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