Body-friendly & Fun

The toys in our store are made from body-friendly materials and are designed with your sexual health in mind. That means we only carry insertable toys made from non-porous, sterilizable materials like ABS plastic, stainless steel, glass and platinum-cured, medical-grade silicone. You won't find any toxic toys or "jelly" novelties in our store. We take our business seriously, and everything we sell is made to be used in safe, pleasurable and fun ways.

Smitten Kitten has a deep well of knowledge and know-how when it comes to helping our customers make informed purchasing decisions that suit their individual needs and are on budget.

Our customers overwhelmingly say things like these folks recently did on our Google Business Review page:


"Staff was extremely helpful. Discussed my needs and interests and recommended the perfect product." 

— Sareen K. 2020

"Delighted with the store, staff, and product selection. Have purchased on site and on the web, flawless service either way."

— Sareen K. 2020

"Very fun and knowledgeable people! And the prices are so cheap compared to any other local business which does not offer half the things sk/ does! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

— Jay S. 2020

"TSK is amazing! Their online store is clean and easy to navigate with thoughtful tips and product pairings. They've seamlessly adapted their business model in pandemic. They managed to ship my order the same day it was placed and it was in my mailbox the next day! Seriously, 20,000/10 customer experience."

— Jennifer B. 2020

"This store is top notch - the inclusivity, non-shaming, and pleasure based values is what is needed in this world. As a relationship and sex therapist, I recommend clients check out this store for their education and pleasure needs. I love having you in the community + thanks for all that you do!"

— Jessi L. 2020