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Bond Kit

$ 35.99

Lightweight and luxurious, this bondage set can tie you up without weighing you down! It features two wrist cuffs, two ankle cuffs, and one blindfold, all crafted from soft, sturdy microfiber with a sublimely sensual velour-like texture. Also included are a metal O-ring and four clip-on cuff connectors, which allow the cuffs to be linked together in a hogtie or any number of other configurations. This kit's comfortable, intuitive, versatile design makes it a perfect choice for bondage beginners - but Liberator's high quality manufacturing and careful attention to details of usability also make it a worthy addition to the seasoned player's collection.

Wrist cuffs fit all wrists up to 9.5 in.

Ankle cuffs fit all ankles up to 12.5 in.

Cuff width is 2.0 in.

Blindfold fits heads approx. 20 in. to 28 in.

Materials: microfiber, synthetic straps, metal

Manufacturer: Liberator

Country of Origin: USA (Designed and crafted in Atlanta, Georgia)


This Atlanta, Georgia based company has a wonderfully body positive mission to “transform ordinary bedrooms into supportive landscapes for intimacy by presenting angles, elevations, curves and motion that help people of all sizes find satisfying ways to connect with their partners.” They seem to understand the importance of representation, as their product photos show people with a greater variety of skin colors and body sizes than most mainstream sex gear companies.



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