Smitten Kitten's Hassle-free Guide to Anal Toys

Anal toys are one of the most popular types of sex toys—not only at Smitten Kitten, but in the entire adult toy industry. For good reason too!

Do you want to feel more comfortable and confident in choosing the right toys for you? Yes! Keep reading to learn more:

  • Anal Plugs
  • Anal Beads
  • Prostate Stimulators
  • Cleaners and Enemas


Anal Plugs

Anal plugs are designed to fit comfortably anchored inside the anal cavity for a pleasurable feeling of fullness. All anal plugs feature a relatively narrow neck and a flared base that prevents the toy from going all the way inside the body- a vital safety feature. 

The anus is a sphincter muscle which means it opens and closes (expands and contracts) in a circular shape. The anal sphincter feels most comfortable in a contracted- or closed state. The narrow neck design feature, shared by all anal plugs, is designed to allow the anus to rest around it comfortably in a mostly closed state. 

Users of all genders and orientations love wearing anal plugs as a solo adventure or simultaneously in combination with other sexual activities and stimulation. Anal plugs are the most popular section in this department. 


  • Size (xs - xxl)
  • Shape (classic cone, curved, rippled)
  • Vibration (yes / no)
  • Rotation (circulating beads or gyration)
  • Material (soft & flexible to firm & rigid)
  • Weight (feather-light to heavy)


  • Flared-base (to anchor in place)
  • Always use lubricant
  • Body-safe materials (can be cleaned, non-toxic)

Anal Beads

Anal beads are toys featuring several beads attached in intervals on a narrow stem or cord with a flanged base that prevents the beads from going all the way inside the body- a vital safety feature. 

Anal beads are designed to be inserted one bead at a time, slowly. They are flexible enough to stack-up inside the anal cavity for a customized feeling of fullness. In this stacking fashion, users can achieve a significant internal fullness without the sphincter muscle ever having to relax to a greater degree than the largest bead. 

Users enjoy the relative ease and comfort of inserting anal beads. Like anal plugs, beads can be worn solo or in combination with other sexual activities. 


  • Size of Bead
  • Length of Strand
  • Material (flexible or semi-flexible)


  • Flared-base (to anchor in place)
  • Always use lubricant
  • Body-safe materials (can be cleaned, non-toxic)

Prostate Stimulators 

The prostate is a sensitive area (part of the internal genitalia), most directly reached through the anus and found about two to three inches inside the body toward the stomach. The prostate and the area immediately surrounding this glad is often called the “male g-spot” or the “p-spot.”  You will find it most often referred to as the p-spot on Smitten Kitten’s website. 

There are many anal toys thoughtfully and specifically designed for p-spot stimulation. These toys will all feature an ergonomically correct forward-facing curve and a narrow neck for comfort and secure fit. Many prostate stimulation toys will also feature an outside portion that is designed for simultaneous perineum (the area of the genitals between the scrotum and the anus) pleasure. 


  • Limited size variation. (most are similar size with little variability)
  • Single or Dual Stimulation (prostate or prostate & perineum)
  • Vibration (yes / no)
  • Material (soft & flexible to firm & rigid)


  • Flared-base (to anchor in place)
  • Always use lubricant
  • Body-safe materials (can be cleaned, non-toxic)

Cleaners and Enemas

Typically it is not necessary to use an anal douche or enema in preparation for anal play or penetration. The anus and anal cavity (called the rectum) is mucas-lined and self-cleaning. This is also an area of the digestive system that does not store waste. Thus, there should be little to no fecal matter present-- That is, unless you feel the distinct urge to use the toilet.

We can assure you that basic personal hygiene and cleanliness will be adequate. Still, some folks do need to rinse the rectum or just feel more confident if they do so! We get it, that’s what anal douches and enemas are for and this is why we stock high-quality, safe options for our customers. 

The anal douches we sell are variations of silicone bulbs and nozzles. Each product can filled with tepid, body-temp water and is then used to squirt inside the rectum for a quick plain-water rinse. Simply rinse, evacuate the rectum on the toilet and repeat as necessary. 

Because the mucus lining of the rectum functions as a safety barrier, it is important to allow it to regenerate and re-balance before any anal sex play. With this in mind, wait an hour or two after your last rinse before playtime! 


  • Bulb size (small bulb or larger bag)
  • Nozzle shape


  • Use plain water only (no additives or soaps)
  • Use body-temp/ tepid water (not too cold / not too hot)
  • Use lubrication to insert nozzle 
  • Wait 1-2 hours after douching before anal penetration play

One thing we know for sure:

Anal pleasure and health is a topic that most people are curious about. It's also a topic where misinformation and myths abound!

Make your anal experiences everything you've hoped for and more! Check out our educational book section for more information. 

A Special Note About Toy Materials

Any toy that is safe to be inserted into the body (whether that be orally, vaginally or anally), should be made from:

    • BODY-SAFE,
    • NON-TOXIC, and
    • NON-POROUS materials. 

This common-sense standard is NOT universal among sex toy retailers and manufacturers. In fact, Smitten Kitten was the very first sex toy store in the world to make a commitment to only sell body-safe sex toys. Today we are thankful to say that body-safety is a common standard among sex toy retailers! However, this is not always the case. Many adult toys are still manufactured from substandard and potentially dangerous materials.

At Smitten Kitten we pride ourselves on curating our inventory with the utmost caution and body-safety in mind. You will ONLY find insertable toys made of the following materials: medical-grade silicone, ABS Plastic, Stainless Steel, Body-safe Solid Glass, or Acrylic.

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