Coconu Oil-Based

Article code 21734865
  • Overview
  • • Plant oil based, organic
    • Ultra thick, moisturizing
    • Supports tissue health and rejuvenation
    • Great for folks experiencing vaginal dryness, menopause
    • Not for use with most condoms and safer-sex barriers
  • Details


5 stars based on 2 reviews

15 Jun 2021
I was skeptical, but really like the Coconu oil-based product. This is really great lubricant! My husband also likes the feel, so that helps. :)
18 Apr 2021
Luxurious, long-lasting and moisturizing, this lube is sure to add a new depth to any kind of sexual play. The thickness of coconut oil together with its naturally moisturizing properties make it an excellent choice for those experiencing dryness or discomfort. Great for use anally, vaginally or on the vulva with a vibrator. Unfortunately, this lubricant can stain fabrics and will break down polyisoprene or latex barriers/condoms.