Fascinator Throw

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  • • Fluid proof sex blanket
    • Soft Microfiber
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5 stars based on 2 reviews

04 Jun 2021
My partner & I love our new Fascinator Throe!
We used to use washable incontinence pads, which worked well when they stayed where they were needed, but they rarely did--and it kinda kills the mood when you're shouting, "Wait, honey, wait! I have to move the pad!" The pads also tend to be rather unattractive and un-sexy: very hospital-room/nursing-facility looking.
But our Fascinator is functional, beautiful and luxurious, and its bountiful size means it's always where you need it. We prefer to keep the plush side on top, not being big fans of satin sheets, but for those who enjoy the slippery cool feel of satin, the Throe can be easily flipped. It's also a quick cleanup: a toss in the washer and dryer and you're ready to romp for Round #2! Spongelicious!
09 May 2021
Aside from the usual ways that sex is messy, I'm a sweaty person. Even occasional after solo sessions, my sheets are soaked. This helped a TON. I didn't expect it to be big enough for me, but it easily covers my full-sized bed. And it's SOFT! Haven't used with a partner yet, but very pleased with this purchase.