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  • Overview
  • • Extra firm, velvet finish silicone
    • Very large girth, average length
    • Extreme reverse taper (larger to narrower)
  • Details


4,5 stars based on 2 reviews

24 Sep 2021
Laura Luna
I wanted to add that the girth of this toy when used in the front hole , while also having a toy in the back hole provides an amazing stuffed feeling that can hit beautifully on your spot. I haven't used it for anal yet but soon.
18 Apr 2021
This moderately firm, solid toy has a unique shape that makes it a perfect dildo for those who like rocking or clenching around their toys instead of thrusting. The ridge at its fullest point will please a g-spot or prostate while staying in place. Thanks to that extreme ridge, the Fluke enters a body with a satisfying “pop!” Its slender neck and base make the Fluke comfortable and filling at the same time. When I use the Fluke, I can leave it hands-free and it doesn’t fall out, which I love. Plus, those ombre colors!