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  • Overview
  • • Extra firm, velvet finish silicone
    • Very large girth, average length
    • Extreme reverse taper (larger to narrower)
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4,7 stars based on 3 reviews

24 Jul 2023
The Fluke is big, but it's also wonderfully soft, with a sufficiently firm core that allows me to keep constant insertion pressure by pushing down onto the base. With a little thick water based lube, and some patience, it's surprisingly easy to get this toy in by butt, and the shape and sheer volume ensure that my prostate feels it's presence.

I love that this toy is heavy, large, and aggressively tapered towards the base, so once the girth of the head slides the door open, the natural clenching of the muscles literally pull the rest of the tapered shaft in, right to the base. This is a lovely and satisfying sensation, which typically leaves me leaking from my tip, even if I've not yet began to stroke my shaft.
Once I've enjoyed the experience of getting Fluke installed, and move to the natural (for me), progression of self stimulation, the resulting orgasm is typically very strong, with the typical spasms and contractions working double duty, as my prostate is forced to climax while getting pressed by the generous girth of Fluke.

I'll also add that Fluke makes me feel extra dirty (in the good way), because it is both phallus-shaped and rather quite large (and def. thicker than me!).

I have a collection of approx. 8 or 10 various silicone, glass and surgical stainless butt plugs. Some that vibrate, some that don't, some with wifi control, most without. Fluke reigns above them all. Don't let the size scare you. Use good, thick lube, put your favorite movie on, and let that slow, gentle pressure help Fluke find the way. It's a worthy endeavor.

The only thing I could think of the possibly improve Fluke is if it had a teardrop shaped base to open up the possibility of extended wear, and perhaps a hole in the center of the base to accept a strong, rechargeable bullet vibe.
24 Sep 2021
Laura Luna
I wanted to add that the girth of this toy when used in the front hole , while also having a toy in the back hole provides an amazing stuffed feeling that can hit beautifully on your spot. I haven't used it for anal yet but soon.
18 Apr 2021
This moderately firm, solid toy has a unique shape that makes it a perfect dildo for those who like rocking or clenching around their toys instead of thrusting. The ridge at its fullest point will please a g-spot or prostate while staying in place. Thanks to that extreme ridge, the Fluke enters a body with a satisfying “pop!” Its slender neck and base make the Fluke comfortable and filling at the same time. When I use the Fluke, I can leave it hands-free and it doesn’t fall out, which I love. Plus, those ombre colors!