Glyde Maxi Condoms

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  • Overview
  • • Latex (non GMO, fair trade, vegan)
    • Large size
    • Pre-lubricated w/ silicone-based lube
    • For use with water-based or silicone-based lubricants
    • NOT for use with oil-based lubricants
  • Details


4,5 stars based on 2 reviews

15 Jun 2021
it's hard to get all the things that you want into one condom, but this one takes the cake! the larger design gives you more options as far as dildo and/or dick size goes, and they are surprisingly + satisfyingly-thin! they also lack the super plastic-y smell that sometimes accompanies latex condoms. plus gylde's condoms are ethical, vegan & fair trade so you can feel real good about the choices you are making with your wallet AND your sex life!
29 May 2021
Perfect vegan condom. We’ve been searching for a larger sized vegan condom without much luck before this. These are exactly what we needed.