Good Clean Love Almost Naked

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  • Overview
  • • Mid-weight, water based
    • 95% organic aloe vera
    • Very subtle vanilla flavor
    • Condom and barrier safe
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3 stars based on 2 reviews

30 Aug 2023
I've been using this for years and had zero issues. It's the most silky soft lube I've ever used! Almost every lube is going to have something that someone out there is allergic to. I'm allergic to an ingredient that's used in most lubes, but it's not used in this one so it works great for me.
Remember, read the ingredients before putting anything in your body - whether it's oral, vaginal, or anal!
09 Dec 2022
Flavor has no business being in a lube intended for vaginal use! I had a horrible allergic reaction to this lube as well as the "ultra sensitive" version, so the flavor may not be the culprit but it can cause issues for other sensitive folks.