MiMi Soft

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  • Overview
  • • Smooth-finish silicone, extra soft tip
    • Small, palm-sized
    • Use for external stimulation
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5 stars based on 3 reviews

19 Jun 2021
My favorite vibrator, EVER. Multi speeds vary from low to crazy high, plus two pulse setting but I don't really use those ever. This is perfect for the person who loves the magic wand but hates the cord. Small, portable, and rechargeable goes on vacation with all the time. Not very quiet but the power makes up for it. Easy to clean. Have recommended this to all my friends.
11 Jun 2021
I haven't owned a vibrator since college, and I certainly didn't expect to be writing a review for one all these years later. Turns out vibrators have come a long way from the buzzy plastic sticks I remember. This thing is fantastic - it's adorable, it's nice to hold, like a smooth stone, it has a good selection of patterns that are easy to change, and the range of intensity is perfect. And it's so....rumbly.
Did not expect myself to drop a hundred bucks on a vibrator, but I'm sure glad I did. I'm coming back to write a review several months later! Definitely recommend it.
28 May 2021
Longer orgasms! This has become my new favorite. While more buzzy vibrators can get me there faster, they are also too intense once I begin to orgasm. This one lets me enjoy myself longer and more deeply. Besides, I can always crank this one up if I’m in a hurry, then slow it down. I’m not one for patterns, but I like the variety of these and the easy of switching. I'm buying a back up today.