Oil Based Lubricant & Body Butter

Article code 69656116
  • Overview
  • • Plant oil based, organic
    • Supports tissue health and rejuvenation
    • Thick and long-lasting
    • Great for folks experiencing vaginal dryness, menopause
    • Not for use with most condoms and safer-sex barriers
  • Details


5 stars based on 3 reviews

16 Jun 2022
Got this in a sampler pack with a bunch of other southern butter products.
Alternative use pro tip: works GREAT to keep a skin abrasion from drying out while healing! I had a bad bike crash and used this to keep my "road rash" moist and clean. It didn't sting and lasted all day!
25 Jun 2021
Shay (STAFF)
I love this stuff! I've got sensitive bits and was a little hesitant to try anything but uber neutral silicone lube down below. After being brave and bringing on the butter, I have no regrets! I use it as a vulva moisturizer, hand cream, lip balm, massage oil, and beyond (mind the jar and make sure your hands are squeaky clean). I don't experience vaginal dryness personally, but using this lube as a moisturizer has increased my juiciness by 1000%!
11 Jun 2021
I have been searching for a long time for the perfect lube and I think I've found it! I LOVE this stuff!! I bought the small tin to try it out but I think the larger jar is in my future. It smells AMAZING (I bought the rose and lavender) and it feels wonderful on the skin. I was worried it would just melt into the skin of my vagina but it doesn't - this lube provides a very satisfying slip that doesn't become tacky / sticky later on. Also, like other people have noticed I feel like it's increased my natural lubrication a lot. You don't feel sticky / tacky afterwards so you can use this right before bed. This is one of the best products I've ever purchased from Smitten Kitten.