Pfun Plug

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  • Overview
  • • Hefty, body-safe solid stainless steel
    • Medium size, prostate specific design
    • Narrow neck for secure fit
    • Compatible with all lubes
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5 stars based on 2 reviews

24 Sep 2021
I was super wary about metal toys at first but thought I'd give it a try after enjoying some of the Nexus hard plastic prostate massagers. This toy is insane once you put it in (which is super easy because there is no surface drag) it clamps down on the prostate and steel head glides and slips around all up in there for some awesome massage. If you wear it while masturbating and squeeze your cheeks it presses even more intensely on the P-spot. And wearing it while having sex with your partner is amazing. My only complaint is that it worked so well I came pretty quickly but I will never complain about a nice long prostate orgasm. If you have room for one toy in your drawer this is it.
12 Jun 2021
Hank (STAFF)
Njoy is the best. This is a known fact. If you enter into the world of sex nerdom, you will find first-hand that all of the Njoy products are the Wolverine of sex toys (they are the best there is at what they do).
What I have found with all Njoy products is that the steel is great for a slick penetration while also allowing for heavy pressure that one will not find with glass, wood or silicone. This is especially true with this prostate toy. The weight REALLY pushes upon the prostate. The shape allows for extended wear while that becomes increasingly interesting as the arousal cycle chugs on.
This is the type of toy that will appeal to those that are like myself and enjoy big, thick, heavy things in their butt. If you are not in that camp, you may not find this to be an appealing product. By far not the biggest or heaviest, but this is definitely not a starting place for everyone.
Bonus: All of the Njoy plugs have an opening in their base that allows one to attach more weights, faux animal tails or rope to. This can allow for some creative sex stuff.
Like I said, Njoy is the best there is at what they do. If you are considering any of their products, I would encourage you to follow your stainless steel dreams.