Satisfyer Pro 2

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  • • Air pressure wave technology, NO vibration
    • Uniquely designed for clitoris stimulation
    • All time best seller, staff favorite
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4,8 stars based on 4 reviews

14 Mar 2023
This is the best device I have ever had. I got it in 2018 and it stopped taking a charge (in 2023). So I reached out to the company and they said with proof of purchase, they'd replace it for free. And they did! A great product with excellent customer service.

In addition, I bought it in 2018 and didn't have a receipt. So I reached out to the lovely folks at Smitten Kitten and they were able to find my order and send a receipt! Thank you so much!
08 Nov 2021
10/10 would recommend. Girlfriend has only used it twice on me and like damn… the last time she even used it as a phone “ Ring ring…. sexual sensation calling.”
19 Jun 2021
Holy wow! My boyfriend is away for a year due to work and bought me this as a gift. I’d never used a toy that functions quite the way this one does and have had a great time in the past with bullets and other vibes. This one though… Oh. My. God. More intense orgasms than ever before but still not numbing like a regular vibe that you can’t go again right after. I’ve even left it on and continued right into a second orgasm. Well worth giving it a try.
22 May 2021
After reading about how this toy has helped people reach orgasm for the first time, I was excited to try it! However, the sensation often got TOO much for me very suddenly, even on lower settings. I haven't reached that big "O" yet but I still have a lot of fun with this toy, and it definitely gets me closer more often than my previous traditional bullet vibrator. The handle is nice and ergonomic, which is really important to me, since I have chronic wrist pain.

Overall, even the larger-headed satisfyer pro 2 is a little too direct for my taste, but don't let that sway you if you aren't as prone to overstimulation.