Home Parties

[COVID-19 UPDATE} Smitten Kitten's in-person Home Parties are CLOSED for the foreseeable future. We are working on creating a virtual party platform. Details coming soon. 


What makes Smitten Kitten's home sex toy parties different from any other?

Smitten Kitten parties are educational workshops that are both entertaining and informative. This is truly sexual pleasure education for adults! Smitten Kitten parties are for everybody, regardless of sexual orientation, current relationship status, or gender. Our parties are comfortable and fun. We respect the desire for real, honest information about bodies and sexual response, and we present this information in a refreshingly matter-of-fact manner. Everyone will walk away feeling good about what they have just learned, and excited to try out some new things. Most Importantly, The Smitten Kitten only sells high quality products that are safe for your body and good for the environment.


How do the parties actually work?


Our parties are led by talented and experienced sex educators. They will work with you to decide what you would like the focus of your party to be. The most common request is for Sex Toys 101, which covers lube, vibrators, dildos, and cock rings (as well as a few other highlights from the store). We can also concentrate on G-spots, anal sex, beginning BDSM, masturbation, strap-on sex, or whatever else you and your friends are especially curious about! Our party educators will bring a variety of toys to your party and will talk about techniques for using each toy, as well as information about anatomy and sexual response. Party guests will get to pass all the items around and see what they feel like out of the packaging. After the hour long workshop, guests are invited to meet one-on-one with our party educator to ask questions and select items they wish to purchase. Party guests will get to take their toys home with them that night!


Are Smitten Kitten Home Parties free?


Yes! We do need your credit card number to reserve your date, but the card will not be charged ahead of time. A $40 fee will be charged only if the party sales do not reach the minimum of $250, if the party is canceled with less than 72 hours notice, or if the party start time is delayed due to especially late guests.


What do we get with our party?


You mean besides the open and informed discussion of sexual pleasure, deeper understanding of your body, and info on some of the coolest sex toys currently available? Yes...there are bonus prizes! Each guest that spends $40 or more will receive a thank you gift, and the host/ess of the party will receive 5% of the total party sales off of their own purchase.


How do I schedule a party?

Simply contact our party coordinator Lindsey by phone or email to ask any questions you may have and to reserve your party date. [email protected] 612.251.1330 

About the Home Party Coordinator and Educators

Lindsey has been a professional sex educator since 1999. She has a degree in sex ed from the University of MN, specializing in women's studies, gender studies, and public health. Lindsey has been doing educational sex toy workshops with the Smitten Kitten since 2006, and she is passionate about sexual health and pleasure. She is a talented educator who presents information about sexuality in a fun, professional, and accessible manner. Lindsey is a total pro at helping every group feel comfortable when discussing matters that are usually private. You won't shock her with your questions—she is really easy to talk to! 

In addition to Lindsey, there are several other party educators on our staff who regularly lead parties. Everyone on our staff is a trained sex educator with lots of experience helping customers in our store. When you schedule a Smitten Kitten Home Party, you'll be working with a friendly, professional sex toy expert.

What People Are Saying About Smitten Kitten Home Parties:

"Lindsey made everyone feel very comfortable talking about sexy sex things. We had a party for an all-female housewarming soiree and it was a great way to break the ice and bond!" 

"Our educator created a very comfortable and relaxed environment. She was very informative about the pleasure and safety aspects of all products, encouraging all party goers to follow their instincts and have fun! What a great experience!" 

"Thank you for such a great comfortable, and incredibly insightful evening! You empowered us and showed us fun, toxic-free ways to get through the winter :)" 

"Lindsey is the most relaxed and forthcoming educator I've ever worked with. Best bachelorette party idea I can think of. (Also a good housewarming!)" 

"Lindsey did an excellent job fostering a safe and comfortable environment! It was both a fun and informative experience. I would highly recommend her for any event—birthday, bachelorette, girls night out! Thanks!" 

"This was the best sex toy party I have ever been to. Way more mature and with much more useful information!"