Tenga Spinner

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  • Overview
  • • 3 intensity ranges to choose from
    • Unique spiral motion
    • Non-anatomical / non- representational
    • See stroking action product photos (gif)
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4,5 stars based on 2 reviews

13 Dec 2022
I owned this toy for a month or longer before I unlocked its secrets.

If you use this stroker as designed, it cannot release the air in the tip. But.... I cut a hole in the tip and now, it's magnificent. I cut the tip and now I just need to lube it up, slide in, and turn the sleeve until my weasel goes pop!

Pro tip: Buy decent water based lube for this venture. The lube makes all the difference, and some feel better than others.
06 Dec 2021
I stopped by Smitten Kitten to buy a Spinner and I was not sure what one to buy 4,5, or 6! One of the three girls working said, "can I help you?" and I said ,"well there is 3 women here, but what Spinner is the most popular?" They looked it up and were very helpful!

I bought the 5 and I can't complain! I already used it and I have only been home for a short time!