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  • Overview
  • • Water based, limited ingredient
    • Medium thick, moisturizing
    • Great option for sensitive skin
    • Condom and barrier safe
    • Vegan-friendly
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5 stars based on 2 reviews

22 Feb 2022
Love it! I've had problems with other lubes, either with them irritating me or just drying up too quickly. This lube has been perfect for me; it doesn't irritate or burn me whatsoever, and it stays slick for much longer than the others I've tried (I'm using it vaginally btw). Just finished up my 4 oz bottle and moving on to another one. Highly recommended for any sensitive folk out there!
21 May 2021
My wife reacts to propylene glycol. Unfortunately, most of the slickest, most comfortable lubes contain this ingredient. Those that don't either contain sticky glycerine or just don't last long enough (we like to take out time!). Water slide is the best of all worlds. It provides slick, comfortable, non-sticky lubrication. It lasts quite well. Best of all, my wife doesn't react to it!