Womanizer OG

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  • Overview
  • • First air-pulse technology toy for g-spot stimulation
    • Flexible shaft for comfortable fit
    • 12 pleasure-air intensity settings
    • 3 vibration levels
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5 stars based on 1 reviews

10 Aug 2023
H (staff)
Truly the first of its kind, the Womanizer OG is an internal air pulse toy with vibes. I love that this product can be used externally AND internally so you can switch it up based on what you're in the mood for. I'm always surprised at how long the charge lasts & feel comforted knowing I never need to worry about the toy dying on me at the worst time (we've all been there..).

A couple helpful notes- Womanizer is known for their "smart silence" feature (meaning the toy pauses when it's not in direct contact with the body). In the manual it's noted that when the head of the toy is wet, the smart silence feature may interfere with the toy and I found that to be very true! So when used internally, I recommend turning off the smart silence feature (holding the + & - buttons down for 2 seconds). Speaking of buttons- a heads up that the buttons are small and a little difficult to press so if you have hand pain or mobility limitations within your hand, I'd recommend coming in store and checking out our floor model to feel it out. Lastly, I felt a little underwhelmed with the "afterglow" feature. The feature is supposed to bring the settings back down to a calmer setting to experience that post-"o" afterglow. With the buttons being a little tricky to press, I personally wasn't vibing with that. Love the idea in theory though!

All in all, the womanizer OG lives up to the hype- you definitely get a good "bang" for your buck ;).