Big Boss G5

Article code 2672052
  • Overview
  • • Medium-firm, matte finish silicone
    • Large size, flexible shaft
    • Strong, rumbly vibrations
    • Ergonomic loop handle with easy to use buttons
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5 stars based on 2 reviews

11 Jun 2021
This is my second toy from Fun Factory, my other being the Stronic Drei. This one is hands down my current favorite... out of all my toys.
Don't let the size intimidate, it really isn't that "big" once you take out the handle length. It has a nice softer flexible body. With lube there were no problems with insertion. It is more comfortable than some of my other silicone toys with more hard and rigid silicone bodies.
The flex on this is amazing, it allows for very easy positioning. Since the length is generous you can also bend and grind on it, if you have piercings this toy is great because it is like having a bullet too (without the hassle of multitasking).
The vibration intensity on this if far better than some of the other brands I have tried and unlike most of my other vibrators with different pulses and rhythms I actually have more than one I enjoy. The handle is excellent for solo play because it cuts down on accidentally hitting buttons while trying to hold the end.
Overall a very well thought out design that is worth adding to your collection if you want something with a little more girth.
Also, I am not sure how many other women have this problem so I will throw it out there. Between an IUD and a small fibroid harder bodies toys (hard silicone, glass, ect) do occasionally tend to cause cramping after play. This one on the other hand, being larger than any of my other toys, has never caused any cramping. I think it is down to the softer body style.
18 Apr 2021
The vibrations of the G5 Fun Factory motor are simply unparalleled in insertable toys. I usually play with dildos, but when I want to switch things up, the Big Boss is an immediate favorite. The handle is super easy to thrust with, and the silicone has just a little bit of give without sacrificing sensation. I also really like that when I buy a Fun Factory toy, I know I’m supporting a company with fair labor practices and a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. I know that Fun Factory toys are built to last and rigorously quality tested, all of which makes them well worth the price.