Play it Safe! Lube Compatibility for Everyday People

Make Your Sex Life Safer and More Fun! Understand which lubes work with which toys and safer-sex barriers.


Why does it matter what lube you use?

Quick Answer: Using the wrong type of lube with your condom can result in breakage and the possibility of unplanned-for body fluid exchange. Of less concern, but a bummer nonetheless, some lubes may also degrade your sex toys' surface.

The purpose of this article isn't to go in-depth or get technical. It's to remind you of the basics for quick and easy recall when you need it! While there may be rare exceptions to the following rules, remembering these basics will keep you in the clear.

For more detailed information check out "Smitten Kitten's Hassle-Free Guide to Lubricants." In the mean time, let's do this: 


When in doubt, use a water-based lube!

Water-based Lubes ARE FOR USE with all Safer-Sex Supplies and all Sex Toy Materials.

This is why Smitten Kitten recommends folks always have a water-based lube on hand. You will have no material compatibility issues with a water-based lube. Easy peasy! 


Silicone Lube ≠ Silicone Toys

Don't use Silicone-based lubes with Silicone toys.

This rule isn't as hard and fast as the others because there aren't any personal safety concerns that would result from a mix-up! It's also true that sometimes silicone lubes WILL work with silicone toys with no impact. In a pinch or in a hurry, it's better to be cautious so we advise folks NOT to use silicone lubes with silicone toys. 


Probably not much if anything at all!
Your lube may adhere (to a greater or lesser degree) to the surface of your toy. The vast majority of the time your toy will not be impacted in terms of future use or performance, but you may be able to observe a slight, but permanent, change in the surface texture. 

Why use silicone lubes at all then? 

Because they are hypoallergenic and super long lasting!
Really, silicone lubes are wonderful. Silicone lube is perfect for folks with even the most sensitive skin. Silicone lubes have no smell or taste either!



Oil-Based Lubes ≠ Condoms (or other safer-sex barriers)

Don't use Oil-based Lubes with Safer-Sex Barriers such as Condoms.

This rule is important to understand because the consequences for a mix-up can be serious. The vast majority of safer-sex barriers sold in the United States will NOT be compatible with oil-based lubes. In other words, Oil will degrade the material to the point of breakage, potentially resulting in an unintended exchange of body fluid. 



The product listing for every item we sell at Smitten Kitten clearly lists specific lube and material compatibilities! To find this information, see the ATTRIBUTES section found at the bottom of the DETAILS tab of each individual product. 



Hybrid Lubes are universally compatible (just like water-based lubes)!

Despite the fact that hybrid lubes are compatible with all sex toys and safer-sex barriers, they are not commonly available at general drug stores. Find a speciality shop like Smitten Kitten for your hybrid lube shopping. 

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