Smitten Kitten Holiday Gifting Guide

Whether you’re buying for a lover or a friend (or even yourself) it can be tough when the choices feel overwhelming!

One of our most experienced Sex Educators, Natalia, created this neat little guide to help you out in your journey to find a sexy and distinctive gift for the person (or people) in your life.

Start with the right frame of mind.
  • Think back on recent fantasies you’ve both shared - what have they mentioned being interested in trying?
  • What will incorporate a sensation or activity that they already love?
  • What is something they have mentioned really wanting - but would never splurge on for themselves?
  • Will this gift be familiar and applicable to the partnered sex we already have?
  • Is this versatile enough to be used in a variety of ways?

With all that being said, here are a few things we really love and recommend to make your holiday exxxtra fun. Happy shopping!

Gifts for Partnered Sex

These toys are made to fit more easily between two bodies and ideal to use in a variety of positions. These are all stand alone products for a little solo sesh as well.

Dame Pom

This lovely little pebble is shaped to contour the palm of your hand and is PERF in-between two bodies without losing clit contact in the process! This versatile vibe starts on the more subtle and quiet side, but turn it up and switch the pattern for a delicious rumble typically found in a much bigger toy. 

We-Vibe Tango X

This updated version of this longstanding favorite bullet vibe makes some major improvements. Tango X has a low, purring motor that reaches a strong rumble on high settings without ever getting itchy. It offers glossy, pinpoint stimulation with the plastic tip but is comfortable to hold on the silicone end with easy to use buttons. The Tango X remains an absolute staple!

Fun Factory Manta

The Fun Factory Manta is a staff favorite for a reason. It’s essentially a vibrating stroker with an ergonomic loop that makes it so comfy to use on yourself or to have someone use on you! The rechargeable motor is super rumbly while its flexible ridges hold onto lube beautifully and gives an added texture for the user. Fantastic to use at the base of the shaft during oral sex with a partner or in specific positions too.

For Those At A Distance

Consider Purchasing a Bluetooth® enabled Toy

Let's face it, there’s a lot of folks that are practicing long distance or find themselves apart from their partners for long periods of time. Thankfully tech has come a long way to aid us in feeling closeness and intimacy while apart. These toys have the added benefit of being able to be controlled via phone app from anywhere in the world (with access to wifi or data of course).

Satisfyer Dual Pleasure

The Satisfyer Dual Pleasure has the advantage of having both an end that works as both an internal and external vibrator with an air pressure toy on the other. We also love the fact that the longer end acts as a handle for an easier reach for those who need it. Did we mention it’s also waterproof?

We-Vibe Vector

The vector is truly top of its class for prostate vibrators. It has two strong motors and a brilliantly sculpted and adjustable shape that presses firmly against the perineum while flexing to the right shape inside, enveloping the prostate from both sides in rumbling vibrations. With the remote, you can a cycle through lots of settings really easily and the app allows you to control it from anywhere in the world!

Satisfyer Little Secret

The Satisfyer Little Secret is for couples that love a little discreet mischief. This remote and app-controlled vibe is perfect for those wanting to add a little something new to a night out dancing. The Little Secret is worn under clothes while secured with a magnet for some direct and hands-free clit stimulation. The black and rose gold details make it for a very aesthetically pleasing package. 

Pro tip: This can be used while using certain styles of strap on harnesses as well for an added vibration that the wearer can feel while topping.


Consider purchasing a whole-body, whole-soul intimate toy

There are so many lovely things about kinky play, but our favorite is that these toys help create a whole body and mind intimate and integrated experience. Create what are sure to be some of the most memorable, cherished and deeply meaningful experiences with a little creativity and lots of love!

BARE Leatherworks Handy Deerhide Flogger

Interested in impact play but don’t know where to start? Not only is the BARE Leatherworks gorgeous and come in a variety of colors- but it’s also incredibly beginner friendly! Deerhide is the softest leather available so there’s no need to fear it being too intense or stingy if it’s your first time. It’s length requires you to be physically closer to your bottom and creates a different sense of intimacy while using it. You can ALWAYS start by teasing before working your way up over time. The best part is that it remains small enough to pack in a bag for a weekend getaway too!

Pro tip:

If you’re a seasoned kinkster, you can opt for something with a little more bite like the:

Bond Deluxe Kit

This kit is simple to use and super versatile to explore new ways to play. Not only does the O-Ring that it comes with means you can connect hands AND feet together, but they can be connected to anything with a ring like a spreader bar or body harness. The fabric is velvety soft and the velcro makes it easy to remove in a flash - unlike traditional cuffs and restraints.

Anal Pleasure and Play!

Experience the Exquisite pleasure of Anal Pleasure & Play

The anal/rectal area is a vibrant, highly innervated area primed for pleasure potential- for those interested in the experience. This section is one of the best selling departments in our store and is popular among folks of all genders and orientations. 

Satisfyer Booty Call Plugs

If you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive way to add some textured variety while exploring anal play - this set is it. It comes in cute pastel colors and features little loops at the end that allow them to sit super comfortably between the cheeks for longer periods of time. 

B-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite

Wanting something with some fun and unique settings? The B-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite features rotating “rimming” beads for a different sensation that can enhance both solo play or a partnered experience. This luxe little toy is waterproof, remote controlled, and rechargeable while remaining small enough to insert easily. If you already own plugs or even vibrating anal toys - this is a fantastic upgrade!

Pro tip:

We recommend a proper lube with all of our toys, but we especially suggest it when using any anal toys since that part of the body does not self lubcricate in general. Some quick silicone toy-friendly picks are:

Other treats/Non-toy gifts

These are some of our lower-stakes gift ideas that don’t require as much knowledge about a person’s personal preferences to give. This list includes stuff that a person typically doesn’t necessarily seek out for themselves but can be so fun and exciting to incorporate. Great for giving to a friend, or as a gift for a newly married couple in your life!

Dame Arousal Serum 

For those looking to add a little zing to their orgasm. Not only does it taste great, but it’s designed to sensitize and bring blood flow to deepen your arousal. The yummy tingling and cooling stimulation is thanks to the rosemary/peppermint oil,while the warming comes from cinnamon/ginger oil. Plus the bottle looks so cute with your skincare products on a nightstand. It’s like a mint for your bits!

Liberator Ramp

Are pillows under the body not cutting it anymore? Liberator creates solutions for enhanced positioning for folks that want and need it. The Ramp is made out of a dense memory foam designed to support your body, relieve joint pressure and reach different angles. They are built really sturdy and meant to last and save some of your ACTUAL furniture from any funny stains with its water-resistant, removable and machine-washable cover. 

Liberator Fascinator Throw

Do you ever wish to have a separate bed to have sex in just to not have to sleep on a wet spot? Liberator has created a product so amazing that you can give the gift of easy post-sex clean up and save more time for after care and cuddling with this. It features a significant and velvety surface area that is super convenient for throwing it right in the wash post-orgasm. The ideal splurge for people who love messier play or for the special squirter in your life!

Deluxe Lube Sampler

I often love to compare picking out the perfect lube similar to finding your favorite cosmetic or body care products, you won’t know until you try! Each sampler contains the whole spectrum- water-based, silicone-based, natural oil-based and hybrid lubes. Most people are not exactly looking to buy 20 bottles of product… luckily this sweet little sampler has tiny versions of some of our favorite lubes for you to fall in love with too.

Seagrape Sexy Travel Set

Do you have a fun bae-cation planned with your sweetie this winter? Is there a special couple getting married in your life? This is a sweet and easy gift to enhance the steamy vibes at your air bnb or hotel. This kit TSA-friendly versions of the Deep Light Massage Oil, Massage Candle, a Bath Soak, and Honey Dust for some sensual inspiration to pamper your boo with!

Still Can’t Decide? Buy a Gift Card

If after reading this you remain unsure of what to get your partner/friend/person give them the gift of the agency to pick something out themselves! This also leaves room for the cute date idea of picking something out together. The best part- Gift Cards have no expiration date and can be used both in store and online!